Transducers from LR Baggs, K&K, Dean Markley

LR Baggs Transducers

LR Baggs has established itself as a premier brand in acoustic instrument transducers and preamps. They offer a wide range of high-value professional use products.

K&K Transducers and Pickup Systems

K&K Sound Systems was founded in Germany in 1984. K&K products are designed and hand made in Oregon, USA.

Barcus Berry

Over four decades of innovative leadership are deeply ingrained in the history of Barcus-Berry. The company has many “firsts” in the music industry, such as the first electric violin, the first successful piezo transducers for guitar, piano and concert harp, the first commercially marketed active direct box, the first combination strap button/output jack, and the first “under saddle” piezo pickup.

Dean Markley Transducers

Top-Selling, high-value products for decades.

Miscellaneous Transducers

Miscellaneous Transducers from Schaller and others.