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You've arrived at the new destination for all things fretted. We've been expecting you.

Since 2017, Fret Central has continued to offer an ever-expanding range of products for Fretted and related instruments. Our goal remains to provide the widest range of the top brands in the industry!

Guitars and Basses

Our ever-expanding Guitars and Basses department continues to hyper-ballon in scope and scale.

Other Instruments

Mandolins, Ukuleles and Banjos


We offer a wide selection of the top brands in the industry. Orange, Line 6, Peavey, Rocktron, Ampeg, Hughes & Kettner, Blackstar, VOX, ZT, Trace Elliot, NU-X Quilter, AER, Phil Jones, Ashdown, ENGL, Darkglass, Ampeg and others.


Transducers, preamps, and effect processors

Fretted Instrument Cases and Bags

Our carefully curated selection of cases ensures your choice will provide reliable protection for years to come.