Blackstar Amplification

Started in 2004 by four bandmates, Blackstar has gained awareness quickly among touring professionals. We will add more to our Blackstar offerings soon.

**PLEASE NOTE**:Not every item on this page is in stock at all times. Some models we offer by special order only. Others are on back order with the vendor. Please email us to check availability of any product shown here.

Blackstar Fly3 Guitar

"The FLY 3 is an innovative, cutting edge 3 watt mini amp which combines two channels, tape delay and the Blackstar patented Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) to create the perfect compact and portable guitar amplifier. It's advantageously small and packs a punch with big TONE, even at the lowest volumes. The ISF allows you to infinitely change the sound of your FLY 3, which gives you endless possibilities on the tone of your amp. The FLY 3 also features tape delay effects, allowing you to make your amp output resonate during play. The FLY 3 also comes with an MP3 / LINE IN jack built in, allowing you to connect to your MP3 player, mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc. and jam along to your favourite tracks; the Emulated Output jack can also be used with headphones. Capable of being battery powered, you can take the FLY 3 with you wherever you go as a set of portable speakers. 3 Watt compact mini guitar amp. 2 channels - Clean and Overdrive. Patented ISF (Infinite Shape Feature). Digital 'tape' delay effect. MP3 / Line In for jamming along or listening to music. Emulated Line Out for 'silent' practice or recording. 3"" speaker producing true Blackstar tones. Battery or DC powered. (Power Supply Not included.) Revolutionary sonic performance."


Blackstar Fly3 Pack

"The FLY Stereo Pack includes the FLY 3 mini amp, a FLY 103 extension cabinet and a power supply. Combined together, the FLY 3 and FLY 103 make a 6 Watt stereo amp for guitar or music playback - perfect as a set of portable speakers or for using at home as pc speakers."


Blackstar Fly3 Bass

"FLY 3 Bass is a compact, innovative mini amp that that gives you huge tone on the go. Combining two selectable channels, a continuously variable mid-cut EQ, Sub bass and a compressor for ultimate control over your dynamics; it's the perfect take-anywhere amp for your bass guitar, phone or tablet. The FLY 3 Bass also comes with an MP3 / LINE IN jack built-in, allowing you to connect to your MP3 player, mobile phone, laptop, tablet etc. and jam along to your favourite tracks; the Speaker Emulated Output jack can also be used with headphones or for recording. You can combine the FLY 3 Bass with the FLY 103 to create a 6 Watt stereo bass guitar amp set-up. The pair of them linked together create one an amazing portable speaker system, for your PC or computer speakers to play your music through."


"Blackstar Accessories"

Blackstar Link Cable

This accessory is used to connect the Fly3 to the Blackstar Extension cabinet.


Blackstar Power Supply for Fly3

"If you get tired of replacing batteries in your Fly3, you can use this power supply instead."


Blackstar Tonelink

"Easily add Bluetooth audio to any amp with a line in. Only a small number of amps sold have Bluetooth as standard, which makes the Tone:Link the perfect accessory for any musician. Priced to sell in volume, they are an ideal add-on sale. Blackstar's Bluetooth Tone:Link is the easy way to turn any amp with a line in, into a wireless stereo audio receiver. With it, you can listen to audio or jam along with tracks without the inconvenience of cables. It is designed for guitar amps, PAs, mixer desks, AV systems, home stereos, headphones, car or motorcycle speakers, boats and more. If used with phone it is an easy to use, hands-free Bluetooth speaker for vehicle systems. Two-link: can connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time. Long distance reception, more than 20 metres in open spaces without obstacles. Super clear audio. Supports mobile, laptop, phone, tablet, or any device with compatible Bluetooth. Built-in Li-battery with low power consumption for long use. Cables and connectors supplied. Full colour display packaging. Working time: Up to 8 hours music playback or continuous with Micro-USB charger. Compact dimensions: 50 x 25.5 x 11 mm"