Guitars and Basses

Our ever-expanding Guitars and Basses department continues to hyper-ballon in scope and scale.

Solid Body Guitars

Solid Body Guitars from ESP, Dean, Eastman, Line 6 and Godin. Let us know which brands need to be added next.

Bass Guitars

Basses from Jackson, Sterling by Music Man, Schecter, ESP and NS Design

Steel String Guitars

We offer steel string guitars from Eastman, Cole Clark, Takamine, McPherson, Guild, Seagull, Huss & Dalton, and Santa Cruz.

Classical and Flamenco Guitars

We offer Cordoba and New World Guitars.

Archtop Guitars

The Eastman line represents the bulk of our Archtop offerings at this time, but we expect to expand the selection over time.

Acoustic Electric Basses

Acoustic Electric Basses