We offer a wide selection of the top brands in the industry. Orange, Line 6, Peavey, Rocktron, Ampeg, Hughes & Kettner, Blackstar, VOX, ZT, Trace Elliot, NU-X Quilter, AER, Phil Jones, Ashdown, ENGL, Darkglass, Ampeg and others.


Classic British sound since 1968, by founder and CEO, Cliff Cooper. Continuous development for over 50 years has lead to an undeniable achievement that is an essential part of music products and music history.

Line 6

Line 6 began life in the mid 90s and quickly became a top brand for guitar amps and multi-effects. Yamaha Guitar Group acquired the company in 2014 and since then has expanded the product offerings while continuing to maintain the high value Line 6 is known for.


Quilter Labs has established itself as a top choice for touring professionals.

Phil Jones

Phil Jones has become a top choice for Bassists and other musicians who need ultra-portable, high-end performance.


The legacy of Eddie Van Halen can not be understated. EVH products embody the spirit of fearless creativity and achievement.

Hughes and Kettner

Since 1984, the name Hughes & Kettner has become synonymous worldwide with guitar amps of the highest quality. Engineered in Germany, these amps are the product of a lifelong passion and pursuit of a vision to make great tone accessible for the discerning player.

ENGL Amplification

ENGL has played a pioneering role with many features. Integrated Noisegate, tube protection circuits and serial amp control interface. Every product breathes the enthusiastic spirit which Edmund Engl and Horst Langer put into every unit.


The history of Ampeg is as long as the history of amplified music. Any list of iconic brands would include Ampeg for more than a half century of innovation and inspiration of popular culture. Today, the brand continues to honor it's roots, while meeting the ever increasing demands of the music products market.

Ashdown Engineering

With a global family of users that runs across all spectrums of the bass playing community, Ashdown Engineering remains as true to its roots today as in 1997, giving it a unique place in the hearts of bassists who know that just like them, Ashdown has bass in the blood.


The concept behind Rocktron has always been to deliver quality sound to the guitar player through exciting and often very innovating products. Many of the Rocktron products seek to marry a vintage style to modern technology and bear the mark of actual longtime musicians who understand and appreciate the needs of guitar players and then design and develop products accordingly.


Peavey has been know for decades as a high value brand. Full features, quality manufacturing, and moderate price make Peavey the choice for generations.


AER is the German-made, ultra high end line known for compact, premium quality combo amplifiers. Don't let the small size fool you.


Guitar building is an ongoing process of discovery. PRS is devoted to the guitar's rich heritage while committed to new technologies that will enrich their products with uncompromising tone, playability and beauty. Their success has depended on an ability to listen, implement positive change and continually refine the craft.


Started in 2004 by four bandmates, Blackstar has gained awareness quickly among touring professionals. We will add more to our Blackstar offerings soon.

Darkglass Amplification

Premium hand-made Bass gear, designed in Finland.


The classic UK brand remains a premier choice for vintage sound.


Believe what you hear, because your eyes will deceive you. You can't believe what comes out of these glorious little boxes.


NU-X is the retail brand of Cherub Industries, OEM manufacturer to many music products industry brands. There is tremendous value in their line of products, because you don't have to pay for the name, just the products.

Trace Elliot

Trace Elliot Bass amps. Ultra compact and engineered to offer distinctively-styled tone and look.