Steel String Guitars

We offer steel string guitars from Eastman, Cole Clark, Takamine, McPherson, Guild, Seagull, Huss & Dalton, and Santa Cruz.


Eastman Guitars has taken the market by storm with a wide range of ultra-competitive models. Made in Beijing, Eastman does not want to be just a great Chinese guitar company, but a great guitar company. Period. Eastman is the only asian-made guitar brand we offer, because we have found no reason to carry anything else.


We offer the full range of Takamine Steel String Guitars.


Steel String Guitars from Seagull. Made in Canada by Godin. High Value, and a wide range distinctive models make Seagull an undeniable choice on a budget.


McPherson Guitars are made in Wisconsin, USA. They offer custom shop models and an innovative carbon line.

Cole Clark

Steel String Guitars from Cole Clark. Using unique, sustainable materials indigenous to Australia, and a novel in-house range of electronics, Cole Clark has set their instruments apart from all other. Cole Clark guitars have the live performer's needs in mind. Yes, it's an acoustic guitar, but first it's an electric guitar. Everything about the design benefits those who plug in.


Steel String Guitars from Guild. Guild began it's revival in 2014, when they began development of their California production. The company has in mind to recapture the magic of their classic models, and has succeeded.

Santa Cruz

Steel String Guitars from Santa Cruz. A true custom shop, producing heirloom quality instruments by hand to inspire for generations.

Huss and Dalton

Steel String Guitars from Huss and Dalton. A relative newcomer has established itself as one of the pre-eminant custom shops in the US. A wide range of traditional and contemporary models are sure to offer irresistible appeal for every discerning player.

Little Guitars

Big fun in a tiny package.