K&K Transducers and Pickup Systems

K&K Sound Systems was founded in Germany in 1984. K&K products are designed and hand made in Oregon, USA.

**PLEASE NOTE**:Not every item on this page is in stock at all times. Some models we offer by special order only. Others are on back order with the vendor. Please email us to check availability of any product shown here.

"K&K Transducers"

K&K Pure Mini

3-head transducer for steel string acoustic guitar. Direct installation with superglue gel is required for optimum performance but the system can be carefully removed without damage to your guitar (you may damage the pickup though). This pickup system will fit all standard steel string acoustic guitars.


K&K Pure Classic

4-head transducer for nylon string acoustic guitar. The Pure Classic is designed to be installed with superglue for optimum sound transmission. For the players who do not wish to do this we also supply a special extra thin double stick tape for peel-and-stick removable installation. Pickups installed with this tape will require a preamp because output is reduced by about 30% compared to the superglue installation.


K&K Pure 12-String

3-head transducer for 12-string acoustic guitar. The larger pickup heads produce an extra strong bass response and pronounced midrange that sounds great in 12-string guitars and is a good alternative for guitars with heavy spruce tops and maple bridge plates.


K&K Volume Control

"Volume Control is a non-destructive, plug-and-play addition to any single-source passive internal transducer system, like a Pure Pickup, FanTaStick, Twin Spot, or Big Twin. This item can be purchased as a system with Pure Mini, Pure Classic or Pure 12 String transducers."


K&K Pre-Phase Miniature Preamp

"The Pre-Phase Preamp is a miniature, onboard preamp that provides volume control and a phase switch for Pure pickups. It provides truly astonishing sound quality in an extremely small and light-weight package! This preamp can be purchased separately, or as a package with Pure Mini, Pure Classic, or Pure 12 String."


K&K UltraPure System

"The newly designed UltraPure Preamp features +/-20 db bass/low, K&K's proprietary wide band midrange, and treble/high controls, plus internal gain trimmer. The addition of a phase switch is one of the most important tools for live sound amplification. Also includes a volume control and low battery indicator. All features are easily accessed at the soundhole. Sold as a package with choice of Pure Mini, Pure Classic or Pure 12 String."


K&K Pure Floating Bridge

"The Pure Floating Bridge Pickup is designed especially for instruments with floating bridges. It features an extremely high output signal, warm and powerful sound, plus it is capable of extremely high volume without feedback! The pickup is sandwiched between the feet of the floating bridge and the soundboard. This position allows the pickup to ""hear"" the soundboard as well as the bridge and strings in perfect balance. If the jack is installed on the outside of the instrument, it can be installed with no (or minor) modifications to the bridge or instrument. If you prefer to install the pickup with an internally mounted jack, we recommend leaving this task to a professional."


K&K Pure Maccaferri XT

"The Pure Maccaferri XT is an external pickup system that easily intalls on any type of Maccaferri guitar, oval-hole or d-hole. The twin head pickup consists of a compression-mounted element in the arch of the bridge and a soundboard transducer. With this combination, substantial volume before feedback is achieved."


K&K Pure Resonator BB

The Pure Resonator BB is designed especially for biscuit bridge resonator guitars. It features a screw-mounted pickup for best possible sound transmission with maximum feedback resistance. The pickup is pre-wired for external jack mount with a Dual-Lock (by 3M) fastening system. The jack can also be installed internally if the Dual-Lock is removed (approved professional installation required).


K&K Pure Resonator SB

The Pure Resonator SB is designed especially for spider bridge resonator guitars. The pickup is designed to be installed inside the resonator cone on the center screw.


K&K FantaStick

The FanTaStick is a premium undersaddle transducer that was developed to stay true to K&K's mission of capturing the most natural guitar sound possible. FantaStick Western is for steel string guitars. FantaStick Classic is for nylon string guitars.


K&K Double Helix Solo

"The Double Helix is a hum-cancelling, dual-coil pickup for steel-string acoustic guitars. It features a phase switch and a unique tone switch that allows players to easily change from a bright "GLOSS" setting to a more substantial "STEAM" setting, and allows the player to blend with with any existing pickup already in the guitar."


K&K Big Shot

"The Big Shot is a single-head piezo pickup, especially designed for bigger instruments with low mechanical resonance. The extra strong output signal makes it a versatile choice for a variety of instruments. These include instruments made of relatively thick material, such as the sound board of a piano. The Big Shot is available with either an external or internal jack."


K&K Big Twin

"The Big Twin is a two-head piezo pickup, especially designed for bigger instruments with low mechanical resonance. The extra strong output signal makes it a versatile choice for a variety of instruments. Recommended to transduce piano, grand piano, harp, dulcimer, double bass, cello and even acoustic guitars. The Big Twin is available with either an external or internal jack."


K&K Hot Spot

"The Hot Spot is a small, universal, entry-level transducer with a better than entry-level sound. This single-head pickup is only 1/2"" in diameter and 1/32"" thick, making it perfect for smaller instruments and a wide variety of applications."


K&K Twin Spot

"The Twin Spot is a two-head piezo transducer that can be used to amplify a wide variety of instruments, including guitars, saz, oud, bouzouki, balaleika, cello, dulcimer, bongos, and many more. The Twin Spot is available with either an external or internal jack."


K&K Aloha Twin

The Aloha Twin is an internal double-sensor pickup specially designed for the ukulele. It is based on the same technology as our award-winning Pure Pickup.


K&K Banjo Twin

"The Banjo Twin is designed to reproduce the true banjo sound with very natural tone quality and with very little effect on the acoustic tone. The Banjo Twin works well in passive mode, especially if acoustic amps are used."


K&K Big Island Spot

The Big Island Spot is an internal single-head pickup designed for the ukulele. Installation is quick and easy. The pickup has a strong output signal and works well even without a preamp.


K&K Definity System

"The Definity System is a brand-new solution that delivers K&K's natural pickup power to a variety of difficult to amplify acoustic instruments. It is designed to work with virtually any floating bridge instrument, like Archtop and Macaferri guitars, and even semi-acoustic electric guitars with Tune-o-matic bridges. It is also well-suited for the banjo, cello, and many ethnic or folk instruments like bouzouki, saz, etc."


K&K Mandolin Twin Fusion

"The Mandolin Twin is a dual-head retrofit mandolin transducer. It reproduces the original mandolin tone with very natural tone quality and it is highly feedback resistant. The Mandolin Twin Fusion does not require any permanent alteration to your instrument. With acoustic amps, both Mandolin Twins work very well in passive mode. To connect to a PA system, we recommend a suitable preamp like the Pure Preamp or the Pure XLR Preamp."


K&K Mandolin Twin Internal

"The Mandolin Twin Internal is a fully internal pickup system. Both the tranducers and the endpin-jack are mounted inside the mandolin. The transducers are attached with double-sided adhesive tape, providing a robust installation with minimum sound interference. Installation of this system should be done by an experienced luthier. With acoustic amps, both Mandolin Twins work very well in passive mode. To connect to a PA system, we recommend a suitable preamp like the Pure Preamp or the Pure XLR Preamp."


K&K Trinity Pro System

"The Trinity Pro System is a dual source pickup/microphone system with an external dual-channel pro preamp for guitars and similar string instruments. It features K&K's new & updated Trinity Pro Preamp, which adds a phase switch to the microphone channel for improved feedback resistance and a smoother overall tone. Trinity can be purchased as a system with the Trinity preamp, or without. For those who already have a Pure pickup installed, the upgrade is available to add the preamp and microphone aspects of this system."


K&K Onboard Trinity System

"The Onboard Trinity System is a dual-source pickup/internal mic system with an onboard preamp for acoustic guitar. It consists of the Pure pickup, Trinity microphone with integrated 5 inch gooseneck, and the internal 2 channel preamp. The system arrives fully assembled with TRSS stereo endpin jack wired in mono, so a standard guitar cable can be used. No soldering is necessary. The system also includes a Velcro-mounted battery holder and a volume control unit with individual thumbwheels for pickup and microphone. The volume control is mounted on the inside edge of the sound hole. The Mini System is for Acoustic guitar. Also available for Classical guitar and 12 String guitar. The upgrade system is for those who already have the Pure Mini installed in their instrument."


K&K Quantum Trinity System

"The Quantum Trinity System is K&K's top-of-the-line pickup/mic combination. The system consists of the Pure pickup, Trinity microphone with 5 inch gooseneck and the Quantum Blender preamp. The Mini system is for steel string guitar. Also available for Classical guitar and 12 String guitar."


K&K PowerMix Pure System

"The PowerMix Pure System is a dual-source pickup/pickup combination with onboard preamp. It consists of the Pure Pickup, FantaStick pickup, and the PowerMix Pure onboard Preamp. If you are looking for the sweet, warm tone of the Pure pickup plus really high stage volume before feedback, look no further. Dieter, K&K's head pickup designer, boss, and former pro musician says: ""If I would still perform live, this would be the system of my choice."" The upgrade systems are for those who already have the Pure mini pickup installed. The XT systems have an external preamp. Mini for steel string guitar. Also available for Classical guitar and 12 String guitar."


K&K Meridian System

"The Meridian Microphone is an external, unidirectional condenser microphone with extremely smooth sound transmission and amazing feedback rejection. It is made for acoustic guitar and mandolin. It is the ideal addition for the player who wants to add a high quality clip-on microphone without any alteration to the instrument. Point it more towards the soundhole for a bassier tone or towards the body/neck joint for a tighter/brighter sound. The Meridian Preamp is a basic preamp that provides power to the mic and features a unique mid frequency control system that lets you dial in a studio quality acoustic guitar tone while holding feedback at bay. The Meridian Pro Preamp provides more control, with 3 band EQ, phase switch, adjustable input gain, line out, and balanced XLR active DI out all in one box."