Beyerdynamic Microphones

BEYER was founded in 1924 in Berlin. It wasnt until the 1950s that it became known as BEYERDYNAMIC and relocated to Heilbronn. More recently it has been developing into a global consumer electronics company. It competes for customers across three divisions, namely Communication, Creator and "Consumer. As such, it is able to reflectthe full spectrum of global, digital and cultural changes being seen in today's modern society, whilst always staying true to the company's own history which has seen it grace stages all around the world, recording studios in all major cities and now the ears and souls of discerning customers.

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"Dynamic Microphones"

Beyerdynamic TG D70 MKII

Dynamic Kickdrum Microphone (Hypercardioid). Naturally warm sound. Optimal isolation and feedback resistance. Optimised M88 capsule. Integrated elastic system suspension. High-quality materials and robust housing


Beyerdynamic TG V70 S

"Dynamic Vocal Microphone (Hypercardioid). Professional live vocal microphone. Very well resolved, powerful sound. Excellent feedback resistance thanks to hypercardioid characteristic. Perfect for the stage thanks to its robust construction. Made in Germany"


Beyerdynamic TG V50 S

Dynamic Vocal Microphone (Cardioid). Professional live vocal microphone. Powerful and natural sound. Cardioid polar pattern and high feedback rejection. Elegant design but also rugged construction


Beyerdynamic TG V35 S

Dynamic Vocal Microphone (Supercardioid). Reliable and rugged all-around model that is perfect for beginners. Natural sound. Supercardioid polar pattern with high feedback rejection. Thanks to the high output level only a simple pre-amplifier is needed to deliver impressive result


Beyerdynamic TG D35

"Dynamic Drum Microphone (Supercardioid). Professional microphone for miking drums, percussion and other instruments. Tuned frequency response predestined for toms and snare. Compact and robust plastic housing ensures an easy and secure positioning. Supercardioid polar pattern allows a high channel separation"


Beyerdynamic M 201 TG

"Dynamic Microphone (Hypercardioid). Dynamic, universal instrument microphone. Perfect for snare drums and acoustic guitars. Exceptionally clear and detailed sound. Made in Germany"


Beyerdynamic M 88 TG

"Dynamic Microphone (Hypercardioid). Legendary, universal all purpose microphone classic. Perfectly suitable for stage and studio. Unbelievably rich sound. Made in germany"


"Condenser Microphones"

Beyerdynamic FOX USB

USB studio microphone. 24 Bit 96 kHz studio grade quality as in professional recording studios. Accurate signal conversion by a large diaphragm condensor capsule. Headphone output with Zero Latency Monitoring and mute button for muting microphone. Gain switch for recording voice or instruments. Dimensions: 16 cm height and 5 cm diameter


Beyerdynamic TG V96

Condenser Vocal Microphone (Cardioid). Reference class true condenser microphone. Excellent sound with subtle treble boost. Remarkably detailed reproduction of the voice. Perfect for the stage thanks to robust construction. Made in Germany


Beyerdynamic TG V56

"Condenser Vocal Microphone (Cardioid). Condenser microphone for vocals on stages and in rehearsal rooms. Cardioid polar pattern. Treble resonator for an open, transparent sound pattern. Minimal handling noises. Made in Germany"


Beyerdynamic TG D58

"Condenser drum microphone (cardioid). Clip microphone for toms, snare drums and percussions. Low space needs and easy installation. Optimal placement thanks to a swivel gooseneck. Microphone clip with an integrated pre-amplifier. Made in Germany"


Beyerdynamic TG D57

"Condenser Drum Microphone (Cardioid). Clip-on microphone for use at standing toms, snare drums or percussion instruments. Microphone clamp with integrated pre-amplifier. Expanded frequency range ensures faithful reproduction. Increased level accuracy and high maximum sound pressure level. Made in Germany"


Beyerdynamic TG D71

"Boundary microphone (semi-cardioid). An extremely tough housing with a compact, lean design. Perfect for kick drums, cajons and grand pianos with a non-slip rubber underside. Powerful, natural sound. Made in Germany"


Beyerdynamic MC 950

"True Condenser Microphone (supercardioid). True condenser microphone suitable for miking choirs, pianos or orchestras. The supercardioid MC 950 delivers neutral sound. Excellent gain-before feedback eliminating noises from the rear. Phantom powered and therefore nearly usable with any amplifier in studio or live situations and as installations. Made in Germany"


Beyerdynamic MC 930

True Condenser Microphone (cardioid). A flexible small-diaphragm microphone with a huge transmission range. Perfectly suitable for the studio. Exceptionally clear and detailed sound. Made in Germany


Beyerdynamic MM 1

"Condenser Measurement Microphone (Omnidirectional). Linear frequency response in the diffuse field / below 90. Calibrated open circuit voltage. Robust, compact all-metal housing. Narrow tubular construction to minimize the influence on the soundfield. Made in Germany"


Beyerdynamic TG H34

"Condenser Headset Microphone (supercardioid). Especially suitable for musicians or dancers on stages or gym classes. Easy handling, high gain before feedback and an excellent fit. It is also suitable for presentations of all kinds. TG- or Opus-wireless systems: for wired use, the optional MA PVA (TG) or CV 18 (Opus) phantom power converter is necessary"


Beyerdynamic TG H56

"Condenser Headset Microphone (Omnidirectional). Natural sound, no proximity effect due to omnidirectional polar pattern. High max. SPL (127 dB). High SNR, low noise. Rotatable ear hooks, adjustable neck construction. TG- or Opus-wireless systems: for wired use, the optional MA PVA (TG) or CV 18 (Opus) phantom power converter is necessary"


Beyerdynamic TG H57

"Condenser Earhook Microphone (Omnidirectional). A commanding and balanced sound meets a subtle appearance. High max. SPL (127 dB), high SNR, low noise. Splash- and sweat-proof. Appreciated for presentations or moderations (can be worn on either side). Detachable connecting cable"


Beyerdynamic TG H74

"Neckworn Condenser Microphone (Supercardioid). For stage applications, especially musical and theatre applications. Sound guidance in front of the diaphragm as high-frequency resonator for optimizing high-frequency reproduction. Highly adjustable, exceptionally descreet, small and rugged. TG- or Opus-wireless systems: for wired use, the optional MA PVA (TG) or CV 18 (Opus) phantom power. Made in Germany"


Beyerdynamic TG I57

"Condenser clip-on microphone (cardioid). Especially suitable for picking up sound from brass instruments such as saxophones, trumpets, trombones or horns. Suppresses unwanted noise as a result of its cardioid polar pattern. Easy to mount clamp with gooseneck for optimal positioning. Optimally positioned treble resonator for improved treble reproduction. Made in Germany"


Beyerdynamic TG L58

"Condenser clip-on microphone (omnidirectional). suitable for singing, television and film recordings as well as presentations and theatrical applications. largely insensitive to pop noise thanks to omnidirectional characteristic. balanced sound. plenty of room for positioning. water- and sweat-proof"


"Ribbon Microphones"

Beyerdynamic M 130

"Double Ribbon Microphone (Figure 8). Classic ribbon microphone offering two stacked ribbons ensuring pure, uncoloured sound. Ideal companion for authentic recordings and studio applications. The figure 8 polar pattern eliminates unwanted noises from the side. Rugged design. Made in Germany"


Beyerdynamic M 160

"Double-Ribbon Microphone (Hypercardioid). Ribbon microphone. Best used for miking guitar amps and drums. Warm, silky sound. Made in Germany"